The goal of residential nurses is to keep the patients off from the chaos of hospital associate trauma to form ease and comfortable atmosphere favourable for his or her speedy recovery. The nurse facilitates multiple roles in patient care like care taker, administrator, manager of care, patient advocate and an instructor, moulding the patients to be self-directed and optimistic. They build a rapport with the doctors, hospitals, patients and their families to substantiate transparency in connection with quality care and integrity.

In home care nursing services include

first-aid-kit-2Monitoring Blood Pressure, Glucose, Post-Operation and other vital signs

first-aid-kit-2Educating the client and family about diseases and treatments

first-aid-kit-2Ostomy/colostomy, wound care, IV management

first-aid-kit-2Management of urinary catheters, tubes, drains and bags.

first-aid-kit-2Medication reconciliation and reports to doctor.


Fear, unsteadiness, dependency in activities and sickness – stricken life have driven the patients with Parkinson’s, COPD, CHF and joint replacement under the constant shade of despair.Physical Therapy plays a vital role in helping an individual to get back his productivity and independence. The physical therapists at Neogencare give in-home rehabilitation with a holistic methodology of exercises with mild and caring touch to enhance the function, maximize independence and optimize the quality lifetime of the patient. Patients with a loss of balance, difficulty in walking, joint pain, back pain, a recent fall, a stroke or hip or knee replacement surgery can avail of the fitness and wellness oriented programs at their door step.

Comprehensive assessment and treatment may include

doctorFall risk reduction through balance training

doctorEducate patients and caregivers

doctorDevelop a home exercise regime

doctorPsyco-motor coordination

doctorFunctional mobility

doctorElectrical simulation

doctorManual therapy


Convalescence is a period that requires a friendly ambience and  occupational therapists realize home as a better place for it. It focusses on developing faculties in an individual to carry out the broad range of everyday activities like dressing, bathing, cooking,eating etc.  This works under the reference of a physician through a customized treatment plan designed as per the individual client requirements. The plan will take into account multi-dimensional aspects of the patient right from physical to the environmental factors. Our occupational therapists help patients address a wide variety of conditions by applying wide range of therapeutic services by accelerating the patient’s functional independence within their homes bringing them back to normalcy over a period of time.


The goal of speech therapists is to provide a focused, complete diagnosis of speech based challenges, and create a program catering to the individual needs of the patients  just like the ones with  ALS, head injury, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke etc to improve their desirable language skills. In all the above cases the speech and language therapy helps them in improve breathing, speaking and swallowing. The therapy includes adaptive speech devices, listening exercises, communication using gestures, eating and swallowing techniques, home speech and language exercise programs. The personalized approach allows the patients to work on retrieving necessary speech and language skills at their own pace in a comfortable environment at their home. The outcome is an improved quality of language and quality of life as well.


Medical social workers help in creating a contributing atmosphere in the home to fulfil the physical, psychological, behavioral and social wants of the patient. They achieve their goals by educating the family members and ingraining in them the necessity to face the health challenges with one soul for a far better recovery. The medical social worker navigates the client through all the formalities that go hand-in hand with health care problems. They help clients getting hospitalized in out- patient and in-patient services, assist educational classes on disease management and advise on health care policy, services and legislative issues. In short, knowledge and compassion are the two desserts that the home medical social worker brings to the table.


Registered dieticians are experts in food and human nutrition. They work individually with people helping them prepare a diet plan according to their health issues to optimize the nutritional intake, promoting their overall health and wellbeing. Nutritional care plans help in preventing illness and even treating illness by developing healthy eating habits.  This works especially in patients with diabetes, BP, obesity and hormonal imbalances.

In home care their services include

registerAssessment of individual nutritional requirement

registerMonitoring the preparation of food

registerAdvise on diet-related concerns

registerDevelop nutritional care plans

registerDiet planning and purchasing

registerDiet modification



Home care assistants or home health aide has become an unavoidable wing in the palliative care unit. They assist the patients who fail to undertake basic daily activities. They help patients in satisfying their basic needs like bathing, brushing,dressing and even in maintaining hygiene. Apart from this they provide basic health assistance by monitoring medication and meal preparation, accompanying to doctor’s appointments, organizing schedules and appointments and helping in implementing exercise plans.The aides at Neogen care for the patients with immense patience, confidence and affection. 

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